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Jonna Ellis Holston �Granddaughter of intuitive healer/seers, I was privileged to train with Jose Silva of the Silva Method to his Master Class by the time I was 21, in 1973.�My path led me to 15 years in Florida where I had the amazing honor to study with initiates of Swami Jyotirmyananda (cuz, like, the Beatles were into Hinduism, right?). Swamiji was a most impressive Holy Man. With a desire to learn, to understand what people believe and why they believed, I enrolled in many comparative religion classes in college.�To live in Florida in the '80s was to have metaphysical bookstores galore. Most any night, one could find an interesting seminar or demo. This was an expansive time for me.�When our family moved to Kernersville, my Path led me to study Reiki, attend Unity and to find two wonderful teachers at The House of Joy, Mary Ruth Dobbins and her dear husband, the late Vaughn Boone. Vaughn, a renowned healer and author of 7 books, was known as the Grandfather of the Southeastern Spiritual Community, (SESC). It was an honor to have learned from (and with) this humble, generous soul. It was there I joined an Abraham-Hicks' Law of Attraction group for 6 years of bliss.�During the Harry Potter years I attended five levels of Matrix Energetics (to Wizard level, of course) and finally my Path led me to Bob Bens and THE Path, and to the wonderful friends I have made here. I am grateful to have had an abundance of wise teachers, too many to count, from Swamis to Shamans and may GOD bless every one for the incredible contributions they have made to my life.

  • Date: 09/11/2022 10:30 AM
  • Location: Online Event