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What to expect with Karla: I was able to start my adventure over 22 years ago. Looking back was never on my mind. My process as a healer has been centered a lot around 5 major things. Healing Touch....practitioner status achieved; 22 yrs in Aromatherapy…certification accomplished; 12 yrs certified plus 6 yrs experience with Crystal's and stones; 17 yrs. of intense self study and experience; I've been a proponent of Supplements for 50 years with affirmed results involving muscle testing; Training and experience including hours and hours at a holistic clinic spanning 12 yrs. There has been much, much more…downloads, insights, revelations…the list goes on. As healers, I see us as here to facilitate. All healing is self healing. We heal ourselves initially and continually. Our own life path and vulnerability honor us in assisting others to find their way too. DECORDING Most of us are aware of "cords" …energetic connections of various sizes, strengths and locations that energetically keep us attached to others, usually others we no longer want ANYTHING to do with but yet cannot seem to shake off. Most energy methods teach an assortment of ways to "cut" those "cords" and release us from these undesirable often draining attachments. It works? It doesn't work? It sorta works but you did it 10 times? What if instead of "cutting" you decorded... you finish your agreement or contract and you are now complete? What if you are able to go even deeper and create real freedom? Zoom in and find out!!!

  • Date: 06/12/2022 10:30 AM
  • Location: Online Event