Jacqueline Lunger
Path Member

Jacqueline is an evidential medium, ordained Spiritualist minister, certified in Spiritual Counseling, Healing and Spirit Communication.

Psychic Author-Jacqueline Lunger

Jacqueline Lunger is an evidentialmedium, ordained Spiritualist minister, certified in Spiritual counseling, Healing and Spirit Communication. Her origins are natural and also well honed through studies and experiences spanning more than 50 years. Examples of her work include recovery of estate assets in North Carolina & the exoneration of a falsely convicted woman in Buffalo New York.  When relocating to Roanoke she received a message from a shooting victim insisting the shooter never pointed the gun at her.  Jacqueline brings clarity and a positive approach to those seeking her Light Worker services.  Jacqueline comes from a British Spiritualist family. She has a lifetime of experience and knowledge to equip her to assist seekers.  She also provides a compassionate ear when you don't know who to talk to about challenging matters.