Currently the Sunday morning service and classes will be held on line using the Zoom application.

Zoom links can be found on The Path Meet up page as well as this website.
THE PATH meet Sunday at 10:30 am

May 17 Class Sheila Woods Zoom # 870 3009 9652

May 24 Service Donna Moore Zoom # 864 4542 4579

May 31 Class Sandra Dupree  Zoom # 832 0435 3874

Starting in May classes will be offered on line using the Zoom application.
There will be 4 weekly classes presented twice a week.
Details to follow soon.

This class for individuals who are interested in understanding and further developing their sensitivity to spirit energy

This class includes information on details how mediumship is performed, individual instruction along with real time mediumship experiences

The instructors includes Bob Bens who has been teaching mediumship since 1975
Along with Donna Moore certified medium with The Path.

Attend as a participant or observer

For more information text Bob @ 336-706-1356

Holistic Commons
123 S Walnut Circle
Greensboro NC



1. We believe in one source, however you choose to recognize that source, IE: God, Goddess, Creator, Higher Power, Infinite Intelligence.

2, We affirm the divine right of individuals to seek the truth with in their own heart.

3. Life is eternal,

4. Spiritual progression is eternal and infinite.

5. We believe that communication between all planes of existence is a reality.

6. The ultimate expression of loving God is to "Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself".

7. We believe in personal responsibility and that individuals create their own reality according to Natural Law.

8. We affirm the innate gifts of mediumship and healing are expressions of God's love.

Additional information text Bob @ 336 706 1356